Honeycomb – A Nifty new Card Game for those Maths Geeks out there!

You Will Need:

  • A normal pack of cards with the jokers removed
  • A piece of paper and a pen
  • A calculator (if your bad at maths)
  • 2-10 opponents (recommended upper limit)

The aim of the game

To win the game you must collect more points than your opponent that are gained by placing cards on top of others.

How to Play

  1. Make a vertical table on the piece of paper where each player has a column to add up their score.
  2. Take the deck and hand out 5 cards per player.
  3. A further one card is placed in the middle of the table face up.
  4. Players will take in turns to add a card on top of the corners of the cards laid down on the table.
  5. After laying down the cards the player has a score equal to the card they laid and all the cards it is touching. This score is added onto the score sheet.
  6. If a player is unable to take their turn they must replace ONE card in their hand with ONE card from the deck.
  7. If a player can move they must take their move.
  8. The game ends when a player places down an Ace and one picture card (in this case it is equal to 21) and the points are added up. The game also ends when there are no more cards able to be played and the points will then be added up.

Honeycomb Rules in PDF for Printing

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