People of earth, welcome to my little corner of the web, filled with wonderous whimsy and marvellous mischief. Fill your faces with fat, ferocious content that will most likely blow up your mind in sheer awe of the quality in front of you. Behold the content that supersedes all other YouTubers in wit and skill and feast your eyes upon that which will satisfy your thirst for entertainment and festering desire for intellectual perfection.

Well…something like that anyway! This site is simply full of extra details about my videos and sneak previews of things to come. You may even find some interesting extras, created exclusively for you my lovely subscribers you.

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Who is the man behind the manliness? Have you all been misled, assuming that this dude is as cool as he seems? Well, don’t read this, honestly…you will be disappointed.

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Board Games

During me downtime I has written me some board games for landlubbers such as yourselves to enjoy forever


Poems and stuff

Occasional musings, poems and seemingly incoherent ramblings of a wayward soul, striving for Borg Perfection



As my degree was in music, I thought it only natural to show you guys what I’m actually good at! (Secret Second Channel!!)


Well, that’s me.

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